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CSET’s unique data-driven approach is enabled by our data team. The team includes data scientists, data research analysts, software engineers, survey and translation specialists, and more. We maintain CSET’s vast data holdings, which include nearly 60 analysis-ready datasets, offering unprecedented coverage of the emerging technology ecosystem. The team develops and deploys the latest methods in data science and machine learning to clean, link, classify, and otherwise enhance data for analytic use, as well as support the curation and annotation of original datasets - from surveys to scraped online information. Resulting research and tools are presented in CSET Data Briefs and Data Snapshots, public repositories, academic conferences and publications, and interactive tools.

Our People

Catherine Aiken

Director of Data Science and Research

Ben Murphy

Translation Manager

Brian Love

Software Engineer

Christian Schoeberl

Data Research Analyst

Daniel Chou

Data Scientist

Jacob Feldgoise

Data Research Analyst

James Dunham

NLP Engineer

Jennifer Melot

Technical Lead

Katherine Quinn

Data Scientist

Maggie Wu

Data Research Analyst

Neha Singh

Software Engineer

Rebecca Gelles

Data Scientist

Ronnie Kinoshita

Deputy Director of Data Science & Research

Sonali Subbu Rathinam

Data Research Analyst

Zachary Arnold

ETO Analytic Lead

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