In his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, CSET Director Dewey Murdick discussed China's strategy to move towards self-sufficiency in key technologies and steps the United States can take to respond.


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CSET Experts in the News

March 31, 2023

Showcasing our researchers’ work and their latest media appearances as they weigh in on developments at the intersection of national security and emerging technology.

An article published by Voice of America quoted CSET's Jacob Feldgoise. Feldgoise states that the Chinese government intends to encourage Chinese scientists to make foreign chokepoints irrelevant by financing research in chokepoint technologies.

University World News published an article featuring CSET's Hannah Dohmen. Dohmen discussed about China's development of AI writing tools similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT.

CSET's Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong were referenced in an article published in Roll Call. The article cites the findings of Weinstein and Luong's research in their U.S. Outbound Investment into Chinese AI Companies report. Additionally, Weinstein and Luong were quoted in an interview regarding the accuracy and comprehensibility of data regarding U.S. investors and China.

NPR published an article featuring CSET's Josh Goldstein. Goldstein provided expert insight on the topic.

The case for slowing down AI

| March 20, 2023

CSET'S Helen Toner was recently cited in a Vox piece discussing the popular narrative of an AI arms race between the US and China.

CSET's Josh A. Goldstein was recently quoted in a WIRED article about state-backed hacking groups using fake LinkedIn profiles to steal information from their targets. Goldstein provides insight by highlighting the issues in the disinformation space.

CSET's Emily S. Weinstein was quoted in an article published by Science that discusses China's new plan to achieve "self-reliance" in science and technology.

CBC News published an article about China's alleged interference in the political processes of other countries, featuring insights from Anna Puglisi, CSET Director of Biotechnology Programs and Senior Fellow, who explained the role of China's United Front Work Department (UFWD).

An article published in OODA Loop cited a report by CSET's Josh Goldstein, Micah Musser, and CSET alumna Katerina Sedova in collaboration with OpenAI and Stanford Internet Observatory. The report explores the potential misuse of language models for influence operations in the future, and provides a framework for assessing mitigation strategies.