In his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, CSET Director Dewey Murdick discussed China's strategy to move towards self-sufficiency in key technologies and steps the United States can take to respond.


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How China plans to engineer its way out of technology ‘strangeholds’

Australian Strategic Policy Institute
| September 26, 2022

A CSET report identifies 35 Chinese technological chokepoints.

CSET Research Fellow and Non-Resident Senior Fellow Kevin Wolf discussed the Bureau of Industry and Service's lack of intelligence resources to compete against China's technological threats.

Deputy Director of Analysis Margarita Konaev discussed the Russian military's setbacks in Ukraine.

In a study for Harvard's Misinformation Review, Research Fellow Josh Goldstein looks at how tactics used in political influence operations are used for commercial purposes.

Chipmaker faces heightened scrutiny over China exports

Supply Chain Daily
| September 8, 2022

In an interview with Supply Chain Daily, Research Analyst Karson Elmgren discussed how the United States can protect its interests in the global chip supply chain after placing restrictions on chipmakers Nvidia and AMD for selling chips to China.

Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn weighs in on the State Department's "Rewards for Justice" initiative offering rewards for tips on hackers.

A CSET report found that 97 AI chips in China's military purchase records were manufactured by U.S. based firms.

A CEST report found that the Chinese military is reliant on American technologies and advanced chip production capacity in Taiwan and South Korea for procuring its AI chips.

Ask the Experts: Is China’s Semiconductor Strategy Working?

London School of Economics
| September 1, 2022

Research Fellow Emily Weinstein answers whether China's "Made in China 2025” to increase semiconductor production is actually working.

In Part II of her OODA Loop interview, Senior Advisor Melissa Flagg discussed operational capabilities required to provide true foundational leadership in the semiconductor industry of the future, the talent pipeline challenge, and scenario planning after the passage of the CHIPS and Science Act.