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U.S. Tech Leadership in an Era of Competition

August 13, 2020

New Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Kratsios spoke with CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny and delivered formal remarks in his first public appearance in the role. The pre-recorded discussion and remarks addressed the challenges and opportunities inherent in defense innovation.

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CSET is classified as a futurist for its research focus on the role of technology influencing the future of national security. 

CSET report reveals that most workers and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence come from overseas.

CSET is the first host of this new program, and Benjamin Chang its first fellow

Editor’s Notes: China’s STEM Students in U.S. Pose Problem

National Defense Magazine
| January 12, 2021

Research from a CSET analysis emphasizes the growing number of Chinese students studying STEM in the United States.

CSET senior fellow Tarun Chhabra has been named the Senior Director of Technology and National Security for the Biden-Harris administration.

The strategic and security implications of AI

Towards Data Science
| January 7, 2021

CSET Director of Strategy Helen Toner sits down with Towards Data Science podcast to discuss the vulnerabilities and security implications of artificial intelligence.

Semester Research Analyst Cindy Martinez analyzes the lack of U.S. talent in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence fields and how to increase youth recruitment.

CSET senior fellow Anna Puglisi comments on a busted theft of U.S. semiconductor secrets. "Technological knowledge is as important as the actual widgets."

In the syndicated public radio program "Here & Now," CSET's Director of CyberAI, Ben Buchanan, explains what happened in the SolarWinds cyber attack.

CSET research analyst Will Hunt hopes for the incoming Biden administration to use a targeted approach to China over semiconductors.