In an opinion piece for Politico Magazine, Ryan Fedasiuk highlights China's adoption of artificial intelligence into its military systems using evidence from his CSET report.

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China falls silent about it recruitment efforts

Science Magazine
| January 20, 2022

China's information on talent recruitment efforts seemed to start disappearing around the launch of the United State's China Initiative according to Research Analyst Emily Weinstein.

Privacy is Power

Foreign Affairs
| January 19, 2022

In an opinion piece for Foreign Affairs, a team of CSET authors alongside coauthors make the case for the use of privacy-enhancing technologies to protect personal privacy.

Open Source

The Wire China
| January 16, 2022

In an interview with The Wire China, CSET's Ryan Fedasiuk discusses China’s crackdown on public information and the lengths he goes to ensure his open sources remain available for his investigative research on China.

In an analysis of different countries' use of artificial intelligence to combat COVID-19, Research Analyst Emily Weinstein offers a brief highlighting China's COVID response using AI.

University talent ‘bonanza’ from crackdown on tech firms

University World News
| January 15, 2022

CSET's Anna Puglisi spoke with University World News on China's tech talent pivoting away from big tech companies and returning back to academia.

The Risks of AI: An Interview with Georgetown’s Helen Toner

The Journal of Political Risk
| January 14, 2022

CSET's Director of Strategy Helen Toner spoke with Anders Corr from The Journal of Political Risk on the risks of AI.

New US research-security guidelines could help unify reporting requirements

Chemical and Engineering News
| January 13, 2022

Emily Weinstein spoke with Chemical and Engineering News to discuss the Office of Science and Technology Policy's recent guidelines to implement National Security Presidential Memorandum-33.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein joins the Lawfare podcast to discuss the Dr. Lieber case and the China Initiative.

CSET Director of Strategy Helen Toner weighs in on China's new provision banning media from using algorithms to generate fake news, disinformation, and deepfakes.

In an opinion piece for Brooking's Tech Stream Research Analyst Emily Weinstein breaks down China's technological innovation strategy in its competition with the United States.