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Parting Trump memo on U.S. research security seen as road map for Biden

Science Magazine
| January 29, 2021

CSET Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg recommends that the Biden administration take a broader approach to protecting U.S. research from undue foreign influences.

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In his piece with The Jamestown Foundation, CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk shines light on the Chinese Communist Party's use of internet trolls to control China's online public image.

Summarizing CSET on Security Without Collateral Damage

China Tech Threat
| April 5, 2021

CSET's Saif M. Khan spoke with China Tech Threat to explain the importance of supply chain export controls to recognize and reduce national security risks.

CSET Data Research Assistant Simon Rodriguez joins this episode of The Data Exchange to discuss how research in machine learning and AI affects public consciousness.

CSET Research Fellow Saif Kahn praises Intel's chip manufacturing to build up the United States' competitiveness in the semiconductor supply chain industry.

CSET Research Fellow Margarita Konaev discusses the challenges of building trust within human-machine relationships in military systems.

CSET experts Zachary Arnold and Emily Weinstein testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission to discuss Chinese capital markets and offer recommendations to protect U.S. investment.

CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk discusses President Xi Jinping's use of the internet to serve the PRC.

“Whatever we can do in our technology strategy to maintain that leverage now will have huge geopolitical and strategic relevance in the years ahead,” warns CSET Fellow Saif M. Khan before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee ahead of the U.S.-China meetings.

CSET Research Fellow Saif M. Khan testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss emerging technology and strategic competition between the United States and China.

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China's use of technological tools to enable its widespread surveillance system.