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Chinese Students Are Not a Fifth Column

Foreign Affairs
| April 23, 2021

CSET Research Fellows Remco Zwetsloot and Zachary Arnold argue against the banning of Chinese STEM students from the United States and outline how rejecting foreign talent hampers U.S. innovation.


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Research Analyst Emily Weinstein spoke with the National Journal about university research and the growing tensions with U.S.-China research collaborations.

CSET Research Analyst Jack Corrigan spoke with University World News about China's dedication to tech talent through its STEM PhD growth.

CSET Director Dewey Murdick and Director of Operations Tessa Baker spoke with Georgetown's The Hoya about CSET's new $42 million grant.

CSET's Anna Puglisi unpacks how US exports are affecting China's access to scientific research equipment.

Algorithmic Warfare: How AI Could Go Disastrously Wrong

National Defense
| September 8, 2021

CSET's Director of Strategy Helen Toner sat down with National Defense to discuss AI failures from her and Zachary Arnold's CSET report "AI Accidents: An Emerging Threat."

A new CSET report "Headline or Trend Line? Evaluating Chinese-Russian Collaboration in AI" uses data-backed analysis to address the Sino-Russian partnership and its effect on U.S. strategic interests.

CSET Research Analyst Dakota Cary discusses China's new Data Security Law and the effects of its cyber vulnerability disclosure provisions to hack other countries.

In her testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi discusses China's collection of genetic data.

AI in Automotive: Current and Future Impact

EE Times
| August 30, 2021

Looking at AI in the automotive industry, a CSET report "AI Accidents: An Emerging Threat" identifies AI failures and calls for a greater emphasis on research and development to improve safety.

Foretell's crowd forecasting can help predict the market of China's politics.