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Chinese Students Are Not a Fifth Column

Foreign Affairs
| April 23, 2021

CSET Research Fellows Remco Zwetsloot and Zachary Arnold argue against the banning of Chinese STEM students from the United States and outline how rejecting foreign talent hampers U.S. innovation.


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In an opinion piece for the Hill, CSET's Dakota Cary explains how China's new rules on software vulnerabilities threaten cybersecurity.

Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn discusses the threats and vulnerabilities AI systems, especially the Pentagon's, are susceptible to in his recent CSET report Poison in the Well

What can the U.S. do to prevent cyberattacks from China?

Marketplace Public Radio
| July 19, 2021

CSET Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn weighs in on the latest Microsoft cyberattack.

House Intelligence Panel Spotlighting Microelectronics

American Institute of Physics
| July 19, 2021

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt is testifying before a House Intelligence Subcommittee offering recommendations to advance the U.S.' semiconductor industry.

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt testified before the Strategic Technologies and Advanced Research (STAR) Subcommittee on "Microelectronics: Levers for Promoting Security and Innovation." He offered recommendations to advance the U.S.' semiconductor industry.

CSET's Emily Weinstein discusses Congress' narrow focus on China and its talent recruitment programs as part of a national security strategy to protect U.S. interests and scientific research

As the use ofAI technology becomes more common, more problems arise prompting the need for policy and government responses, according to CSET's Helen Toner.

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt calls for the U.S. government to invest in domestic fabrication for chip manufacturing as a result of the current ship shortage.

Microsoft Print Spooler, Kesaya ransomware mega-hack

Security Conversations
| July 6, 2021

Featured in Security Conversation's newsletter, Micah Musser's report "Machine Learning and Cybersecurity" is well worth the read.

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt weighs in on the production of a cutting-edge semiconductor chip machine.