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Parting Trump memo on U.S. research security seen as road map for Biden

Science Magazine
| January 29, 2021

CSET Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg recommends that the Biden administration take a broader approach to protecting U.S. research from undue foreign influences.

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CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China’s latest surveillance program, Sharp Eyes, as well as technical limitations to accurately reporting censorship and physical surveillance.

Reconsidering the ‘China Initiative’

Inside Higher Ed
| March 2, 2021

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi weighs in on the China Initiative and whether the Chinese government is exploiting its talent programs to target U.S. innovation.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein discusses difficulties in identifying Chinese entities that are defense-affiliated amidst growing concerns over American university research being relayed to the Chinese military.

CSET experts Anna Puglisi and Ryan Fedasiuk sat down with China Talk podcast to discuss their contributions on the recent book "China's Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage."

Beyond the China Initiative

| February 22, 2021

To understand China's technology transfer efforts, CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein suggests using China's open-source documentation as a resource.

In Biden World, Economic Policy Is National Security Policy

The Wall Street Journal
| February 16, 2021

Former CSET Senior Fellow Tarun Chhabra will be assessing America's competitive position in emerging technology as the Senior Director for Technology and National Security as part of the Biden administration's plan to intersect national security policy with economic policy.

Cyber AI Director Ben Buchanan sat down with Scientific American to discuss the cyberattack on an Oldsmar, Florida water supply facility and how to protect public facilities in the future.

CSET research study shows that 42 out of 62 AI research labs are located abroad, while 68% of staff are located in the United States.

The Chip Choke Point

The Wire China
| February 8, 2021

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt discusses the future of emerging tech should China gain leverage over the United States in the semiconductor industry.

CSET research finds that one-fifth of Chinese students will not be allowed to enroll in STEM programs due to U.S. visa restrictions.