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U.S. Tech Leadership in an Era of Competition

August 13, 2020

New Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Kratsios spoke with CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny and delivered formal remarks in his first public appearance in the role. The pre-recorded discussion and remarks addressed the challenges and opportunities inherent in defense innovation.

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CSET Research Fellow Margarita Konaev assessed the importance of building trust in AI systems for the DOD's successful use of AI in the battlefield. See FedScoop's interview with her and readout of her research below.

Counting Chinese STEM students in the U.S.

Axios Science
| October 15, 2020

CSET's Remco Zwetsloot, along with Jacob Feldgoise, provided a detailed analysis of Chinese students in the United States by field of study and degree level. Axios highlighted the authors' work in the article below.

"Keeping Top AI Talent in the United States" by CSET's Remco Zwetsloot, James Dunham, Zachary Arnold and Tina Huang was cited in VentureBeat. Read the mention of CSET's research below.

CSET hosted Michèle Flournoy and other national security experts for a discussion on adapting DOD's test, evaluation, validation and verification infrastructure for AI systems. See FedScoop's readout of the event below.

CSET hosted WestExec Advisors' Michèle Flournoy and Gabrielle Chefitz, together with Avril Haines, for a discussion of their new report outlining how the Department of Defense can adapt its test, evaluation, validation and verification (TEVV) infrastructure for artificial intelligence. The authors were joined by Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory's Ashley Llorens, the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center's Dr. Jane Pinelis, and moderator Richard Danzig.

An article on U.S. tech strangulation of China quoted CSET Senior Fellow Tarun Chhabra on possible ‘chokepoint’ technologies the U.S. could use with its allies against China; it also quoted CSET fellow Zachary Arnold on the potential of U.S. visa restrictions driving scientific talent to China.

CSET research by fellows Saif M. Khan and Carrick Flynn on export controls of semiconductor manufacturing equipment was featured in this opinion piece describing a U.S. strategy for export controls.

Nvidia cited CSET's "Strengthening the U.S. AI Workforce" in the blog post below, highlighting how AI competitiveness will hinge on attracting the top global talent.

How the next White House should handle AI

| September 23, 2020

Axios Future highlighted a series of one-pagers issued by CSET providing AI policy recommendations for the next presidential administration to consider and implement. The full piece from Axios can be found below.

CSET research has consistently highlighted the importance of advanced chips to the development of AI. TechSpot's recent coverage of this work can be found below.