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Chinese Students Are Not a Fifth Column

Foreign Affairs
| April 23, 2021

CSET Research Fellows Remco Zwetsloot and Zachary Arnold argue against the banning of Chinese STEM students from the United States and outline how rejecting foreign talent hampers U.S. innovation.


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The Titan of Taiwan

The Wire China

Research Analyst Will Hunt discusses the evolution of Taiwan's semiconductor manufacturing company TSMC and its proprietary protection measures against Chinese cyberattacks.

CSET's Ryan Fedasiuk discusses China's use of technology companies to strengthen the government's authority over personal data under the Personal Information Protection Law.

Global: A New Look at the International Distribution of Research

The Chronicle of Higher Education
| June 7, 2021

Melissa Flagg, Autumn Toney and Paul Harris' latest research shows a shift in global research collaboration.

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt joined China Tech Threat's roundtable on semiconductor export controls and future recommendations for the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security.

CSET's Director of Strategy Helen Toner discussed with Wired CSET's collaboration with Partnership on AI to create the AI Incident Database.

Autumn Toney and Melissa Flagg's latest publication reveals that the U.S. and China together produce two-thirds of the world's research publication output.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi emphasizes the Chinese government's policies to incentivize academic researchers to engage in economic espionage and undermine global norms of collaboration.

In conjunction with the Biden administration's executive order ensuring U.S. investments aren't supporting Chinese companies that undermine U.S. security and values, CSET's Emily Weinstein expresses concern over U.S. companies selling software and hardware to China.

China’s Internet Trolls Go Global

Council on Foreign Relations
| June 7, 2021

In his latest piece with the Council on Foreign Relations, CSET's Ryan Fedaisuk emphasizes the serious threats China's internet trolls pose for economic security, political stability, and personal safety worldwide.

Research by CSET's Emily Weinstein discusses China's use of AI surveillance to monitor COVID-19 patients.