CSET produces evidence-driven analysis in a variety of forms, from informative graphics and translations to expert testimony and published reports. Our key areas of inquiry are the foundations of artificial intelligence — such as talent, data and computational power — as well as how AI can be used in cybersecurity and other national security settings. We also do research on the policy tools that can be used to shape AI’s development and use, and on biotechnology.


Understanding the Global Gain-of-Function Research Landscape

Caroline Schuerger Steph Batalis Katherine Quinn Ronnie Kinoshita Owen Daniels Anna Puglisi
| August 2023

Gain- and loss-of-function research have contributed to breakthroughs in vaccine development, genetic research, and gene therapy. At the same time, a subset of gain- and loss-of-function studies involve high-risk, highly virulent pathogens that could spread widely among humans if deliberately or unintentionally released. In this report, we map the gain- and loss-of-function global research landscape using a quantitative approach that combines machine learning with subject-matter expert review.



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China’s Semiconductor-Related Export Controls

September 7, 2023

Read our translation of China’s semiconductor-related export control policies.


Translation Snapshot: Chinese Overseas Talent Recruitment

Ben Murphy
| September 6, 2023

Translation Snapshots are short posts that highlight related translations produced by CSET’s in-house translation team. Each snapshot identifies relevant translations, provides short summaries, and links to the full translations. Check back regularly for additional Translation Snapshots highlighting our work.

Read our translation of a Chinese regulation that governs the collection, protection, and sharing of scientific data.

Read our translation of a white paper that details China’s system for cultivating homegrown “live-fire” cybersecurity talent.


한국 AI 생태계 분석

Cole McFaul Husanjot Chahal Rebecca Gelles Margarita Konaev
| August 18, 2023

This is a Korean translation of the August 2023 CSET Data Brief "Assessing South Korea's AI Ecosystem."

Read our translation of a document that announces China’s 2023 research priorities in explainable and generalizable artificial intelligence methods. It also provides state funds for projects related to these priorities, and explains how Chinese AI researchers can apply for funding. Applications of AI in medicine, biology, physics, materials science, and mathematics are prominent among the 2023 priorities.

Read our translation of a white paper by a Chinese state-affiliated think tank that emphasizes the importance of Chinese and foreign AI frameworks.

This is a translation of China’s plan for applying high technology to the field of transportation.

Read our original translation of revised guidelines, issued by the PRC Ministry of Science and Technology in September 2020 on the basis of previous guidelines from August 2019.

Read our original translation of a significant Party and government reorganization plan that China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress, passed in March 2023.