About Us

A policy research organization within Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, CSET produces data-driven research at the intersection of security and technology, providing nonpartisan analysis to the policy community. CSET is currently focusing on the effects of progress in artificial intelligence (AI), advanced computing and biotechnology. We seek to prepare a new generation of decision-makers to address the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies.

Who We Are

CSET staff come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, bringing extensive experience from the highest levels of government, industry and academia to inform research at the intersection of technology and statecraft. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and intellectual curiosity.

As a non-partisan organization, we produce rigorous, evidence-based, cross-functional analysis on emerging technology issues. We seek to expose our assumptions, follow the data and serve as trusted advisors to national security policymakers. Our data scientists collaborate closely with analysts to gather, process and interpret data at scale, including foreign-language and technical materials from diverse sources. 

Members of our team are challenged with meaningful work, offered ongoing opportunities for professional development and learning, and contribute to a collegial and engaging environment where they can thrive. 

What We Do

Our research covers several, sometimes intersecting, lines of inquiry:

Artificial Intelligence: 
Artificial Intelligence and Beyond: 

From the outset in early 2019, we planned to focus primarily on AI in CSET’s first two years. We have since identified methodologies that enable comparisons across countries and among other emerging technologies. In 2022 and beyond, we expect this facet of our work to continue growing: 

CSET’s unique analytic approach is supported by our Data Science team, and our significant data holdings include nearly 60 analysis-ready datasets offering unprecedented coverage of the emerging technology ecosystem, bolstered by novel methods to classify these documents for analytic purposes. The team also creates data visualizations to highlight CSET research findings with graphic aids, including trackers, maps and other data-rich graphics. Recently, the team launched the Emerging Technology Observatory focused on building products that leverage CSET’s data resources and infrastructure to give external users visibility into emerging technology trends.

We translate significant foreign-language documents on AI into English. In addition to supporting CSET research, we offer this service to others upon request.

We disseminate our research through a variety of means, including public events, social media, media outreach, congressional testimony and a biweekly newsletter.

We engage with the broader Georgetown University community via the Tech and Society Initiative and collaboration with GU students and faculty.  

Learn More

Find out more about our team, our public service fellows, and how to join us when openings are available.

CSET is supported by grants from Open Philanthropy, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Musk Foundation, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation and the Public Interest Technology University Network.

CSET Team at 2019 Kalaris Conference