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Autumn Toney is a Data Research Analyst. Previously, she worked at the Naval Research Laboratory in computer security Read more

Autumn Toney

Data Research Analyst
Ben Murphy is CSET's Translation Manager following a 14-year career at the Central Intelligence Agency. Read more

Ben Murphy

Translation Manager
Catherine Aiken is the Director of Data Science and Research. Before joining CSET as its survey specialist, she was at the University of Maryland. Read more

Catherine Aiken

Director of Data Science and Research
Daniel Chou is a Data Scientist focused on transforming data into knowledge. Read more

Daniel Chou

Data Scientist
Ilya Rahkovsky is a Data Scientist focused on turning data into value. Read more

Ilya Rahkovsky

Data Scientist
James Dunham is a Data Scientist. His doctoral research at MIT addressed measurement problems in political science using unstructured data and natural language processing. Read more

James Dunham

Data Scientist
Jennifer Melot is a Senior Software Engineer. Previously, she worked in the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Read more

Jennifer Melot

Senior Software Engineer
Rebecca Gelles is a Data Scientist. Previously, she studied at the University of Maryland. Read more

Rebecca Gelles

Data Scientist
Sara Abdulla is a Data Research Analyst at CSET. Read more

Sara Abdulla

Data Research Analyst