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Support CSET

Funding Policy

CSET is grateful for the support of those who have made financial gifts to sustain our research. Our donors include foundations, individuals, and other funding sources, and we seek to engage supporters from diverse backgrounds. CSET accepts funding from parties who share our interest in security and emerging technology and respect our commitment to intellectual independence.

Intellectual Independence

CSET’s mission is to provide decision-makers with data-driven analysis. It is central to our mission that our analysis be independent. CSET’s research agenda is determined by a combination of incoming questions from policymakers and other leaders and by our team members’ proactive identification of areas where further data and analysis would be helpful to decision-makers.

Nonpartisan Approach

CSET is a nonpartisan research organization. We do not advocate for policies but rather provide data and analysis to policymakers. CSET publications may include researchers’ assessment of actions that would promote security interests. While CSET does not lobby for specific actions, we are proud to present the findings and analyses of experts on our team.

Conflict of Interest

CSET is governed by Georgetown University’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy. Additionally, CSET employees are required to disclose to their CSET managers external obligations, relationships, or material interests that may overlap with their work at CSET. Disclosures are recorded in an internal register of interests and are re-evaluated biannually and when new projects are initiated. Where appropriate, mitigation steps are implemented to avoid real or perceived conflicts. These mitigation steps include additional disclosures in reports, recusal from projects, and other measures as deemed appropriate by the individual’s project lead and CSET’s Director of People and Operations.


Five years ago, CSET was founded with generous seed funding from Open Philanthropy. In 2021, Open Philanthropy gave a second significant grant. CSET has been fortunate to receive additional funding from other individuals and organizations. As CSET grows, we look forward to engaging more stakeholders seeking to support our mission.

Thank you to our donors:


Open Philanthropy

$1,000,000 – $6,000,000

Musk Foundation

NobleReach Foundation

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999

The Diller – von Furstenberg Foundation

Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

$200,000 – $499,999

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Effective Giving

The Rob Granieri Fund

The Rockefeller Foundation

$15,000 – $199,999


The Chao Family

$2,500 – $14,999

Timothy McDonald