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Jennifer Melot

Senior Software Engineer Print Bio

Jennifer Melot is a Senior Software Engineer at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). Previously she worked in the Artificial Intelligence Technology and Systems (formerly Human Language Technology) group at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, supporting work for government sponsors in areas including pronunciation modeling and feedback, data management and review, and test and evaluation of human language technology systems. She holds an S.B. from MIT, where she double-majored in Computer Science and Linguistics.

The task of artificial intelligence policymaking is complex and challenging, made all the more difficult by such a rapidly evolving technology. In order to address the security and economic implications of AI, policymakers must be able to viably define, categorize and assess AI research and technology. In this issue brief, CSET puts forward a functional definition of AI, based on three core principles, that significantly outperforms methods developed over the last decade.