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Plus, cloud computing bill introduced, semiconductor industry association lobbies for $37B, and bill to advance AI research introduced

Plus, Lockheed Martin to develop cyber jamming pod, Huawei partners with chipmakers, and many AI COVID-19 models found to be unreliable

Plus, the Coronavirus and AI Jobs, DOE Funds $30M in AI Research, and China’s AI Advisory Committee

Plus, EU considers pan-EU facial recognition system, researchers discover new antibiotic with machine learning, and OSTP releases annual AI report

Plus, Facebook introduces PyTorch3D, AAAI conference held, and JEDI contract blocked

Dahlia Peterson is a Research Analyst. Her previous research has included how China harnesses various technologies for its AI-powered surveillance programs.

Plus using NLP to identify disinformation, the USCC annual report and progress on AI R&D

Plus visa denials for researchers, DeepMind conquers StarCraft, and takeaways from the NSCAI conference

Plus video of the Kalaris Intelligence Conference, French military AI strategy and a successful MQ-25 unmanned refueling flight