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After Clearview AI's fine of $10 million, EU and UK privacy protections have forced tech companies to innovate according to Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson.

CSET Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn weighs in on newly-reintroduced legislation banning federal agencies from using facial recognition technology.

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China's use of technological tools to enable its widespread surveillance system.

China has built a surveillance state that has increasingly incorporated AI-enabled technologies. Their use during the COVID-19 pandemic has softened the image of China’s surveillance system, presenting unique challenges to preventing the spread of such technologies around the globe. This policy brief outlines core actions the United States and its allies can take to combat the spread of surveillance systems that threaten basic human rights.

Patent Landscape for Computer Vision: United States and China

Simon Rodriguez Melissa Flagg Autumn Toney
| October 2020

China’s surge in artificial intelligence development has been fueled, in large part, by advances in computer vision, the AI subdomain that makes powerful facial recognition technologies possible. This data brief compares U.S. and Chinese computer vision patent data to illustrate the different approaches each country takes to AI development.

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