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A Voice of America News article cited a report by Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong from CSET regarding the investment made by the U.S. in Chinese AI companies. The report identifies the main U.S. investors in the Chinese AI market and the companies that have received U.S. funding.

Chips Act Will Test Whether U.S. Can Reverse Semiconductor Exodus

The Wall Street Journal
| February 22, 2023

The Wall Street Journal referred to a policy brief by CSET's Will Hunt, which analyzes how incentives from the CHIPS Act should be allocated among various types of chips. The article talks about the $53 billion CHIPS Act program, which aims to revive the domestic semiconductor industry by offering subsidies for manufacturing incentives and research and development.

China Threat Raises Stakes for Navy’s Cyber Offense Evolution

Bloomberg Government
| February 15, 2023

Bloomberg Government published an article featuring Margarita Konaev, the Deputy Director of Analysis at CSET. Konaev was quoted discussing the U.S. defense shift towards the Asia-Pacific region and the public perception surrounding it.

ChatGPT grabs headlines but Chinese competitor to face censorship

South China Morning Post
| February 20, 2023

The South China Morning Post quoted Dahlia Peterson and Hanna Dohmen, both research analysts at CSET, in an article about China's struggles in developing an equivalent of ChatGPT.

Newsweek published an article that cited a report by CSET's Jack Corrigan, Emily S. Weinstein, Dahlia Peterson, and Ryan Fedasiuk, and CSET alumni Remco Zwetsloot and Diana Gehlhaus. The report examines data on STEM PhD graduation rates and predicts their growth in the next five years, during which China is expected to increase its lead over the United States.

China’s Tech Money Is Now Radioactive

Foreign Policy
| February 2, 2023

A report by CSET's Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong, was cited in an article published by Foreign Policy. This report focuses on the American investors who are primarily involved in investing in Chinese artificial intelligence companies.

Reuters cited a report by Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong from CSET. The report focuses on identifying the primary American investors involved in the Chinese artificial intelligence market and highlights the list of AI companies in China that have received investments from the United States.

The U.S. semiconductor supply chain’s resilience will meaningfully increase only if current efforts to re-shore fabrication (that is, to situate more facilities that make its key parts in the United States) are met with commensurate efforts to re-shore upstream material production along with downstream assembly, test, and packaging (ATP) of finished microelectronics.

In an interview with Government Technology, Research Analyst Jack Corrigan unpacked the Federal Communication Commission's ban on Chinese telecom technologies.