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In his op-ed featured in Breaking Defense, CSET's Sam Bresnick from offers a deep dive into China's remarkable progress in bolstering space resilience, with a specific focus on tactically responsive space launch (TRSL).

Identifying AI Research

Christian Schoeberl Autumn Toney James Dunham
| July 2023

The choice of method for surfacing AI-relevant publications impacts the ultimate research findings. This report provides a quantitative analysis of various methods available to researchers for identifying AI-relevant research within CSET’s merged corpus, and showcases the research implications of each method.

In a New York Times Magazine feature that delves into the United States' efforts to control the global semiconductor market, particularly in relation to China, CSET's Kevin Wolf shared his expert analysis.

During her interview with ABC News Live, CSET's Helen Toner delved into the significant growth of Artificial Intelligence, with a particular emphasis on its impact within the realm of National Security.

One Reason the U.S. Can’t Quit China? Chips.

The New York Times
| July 8, 2023

In a New York Times article discussing the challenges faced by global semiconductor companies, CSET's Emily S. Weinstein provided her expert insight.

In a Forbes article discussing the challenges posed by AI-generated content in the context of political campaigns and the upcoming presidential election, CSET's Josh A. Goldstein provided his expert take.

In an article published by The Washington Post that discusses the competition between the United States and China in the field of artificial intelligence and the differing approaches of regulation in both countries, CSET's Helen Toner provided her expert insight.

In an article published by The Wall Street Journal that discusses the Biden administration's plans to restrict Chinese companies' access to U.S. cloud-computing services, CSET's Emily S. Weinstein provided her expert insight.

China Isn’t Losing Sleep Over ChatGPT

The Diplomat
| July 3, 2023

CSET’s Micah Musser shared his insights in an op-ed published in The Diplomat. He discusses the misconception that there is an AI race between the United States and China, specifically focusing on the field of language modeling.

CSET's Dewey Murdick and Owen Daniels shared their insights in a TIME op-ed. They discuss the issue of the Chinese government's recent move to restrict global access to a substantial amount of public data.