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In a Washington Post article, it was mentioned that Dewey Murdick, Executive Director of CSET, was among the industry leaders invited to speak during the briefing with senators.

The Washington Post cited a CSET report that delves into the issue of talent retention in artificial intelligence and its effects on the United States' competitiveness. The report was referenced in an article discussing how countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are successfully attracting highly skilled immigrants, including international students educated in the United States.

U.S. Grapples With Potential Threats From Chinese AI

The Wall Street Journal
| June 16, 2023

In an article by The Wall Street Journal, CSET's Emily S. Weinstein contributed her expertise to the discussion surrounding the challenge faced by the Biden administration in identifying artificial intelligence that poses a threat to national security.

In a WIRED article, CSET's Emily S. Weinstein contributed her expertise to the discussion surrounding the existence of encryption chips produced by Hualan Microelectronics, a Chinese company that has been identified by the US Department of Commerce due to its affiliations with the Chinese military.

In a Nikkei Asia article discussing the need for a global regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, CSET's Helen Toner offered her expert insights.

CSET's Helen Toner shared her expert insights in a CNBC article discussing the divergent perspectives of Google and OpenAI regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence by the U.S. government.

In an article published by Vox, CSET's Margarita Konaev shared her expert perspective on the ongoing counteroffensive launched by Ukraine against Russian forces in the ongoing conflict between the two nations.

Is China Gaining a Lead in the Tech Arms Race?

Foreign Policy
| June 8, 2023

In a weekly digest published by Foreign Policy, CSET's Emily S. Weinstein offered her expert analysis on a recent study conducted by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

The Illusion of China’s AI Prowess

Foreign Affairs
| June 2, 2023

In an op-ed published in Foreign Affairs, CSET's Helen Toner discusses concerns and debates surrounding the regulation of artificial intelligence in the United States, particularly in relation to the competition with China.

CSET’s Margarita Konaev provided expert insight in an article published by The Atlantic that discusses the dilemma the United States faces in providing Ukraine with land-based missiles capable of hitting Russia amid the ongoing conflict between the two countries.