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An article published by Voice of America quoted CSET's Jacob Feldgoise. Feldgoise states that the Chinese government intends to encourage Chinese scientists to make foreign chokepoints irrelevant by financing research in chokepoint technologies.

CSET's Emily S. Weinstein was quoted in an article published by Science that discusses China's new plan to achieve "self-reliance" in science and technology.

Militaries seek to harness artificial intelligence for decision advantage. Yet AI systems introduce a new source of uncertainty in the likelihood of technical failures. Such failures could interact with strategic and human factors in ways that lead to miscalculation and escalation in a crisis or conflict. Harnessing AI effectively requires managing these risk trade-offs by reducing the likelihood, and containing the consequences of, AI failures.

MeriTalk published an article featuring CSET's Diana Gehlhaus. Gehlhaus points out that artificial intelligence has a broad range of applications within various government missions.

CSET's Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong were referenced in an article published in Roll Call. The article cites the findings of Weinstein and Luong's research in their U.S. Outbound Investment into Chinese AI Companies report. Additionally, Weinstein and Luong were quoted in an interview regarding the accuracy and comprehensibility of data regarding U.S. investors and China.

Nothing Ventured

The Wire China
| March 5, 2023

An article by The Wire China cited a report authored by CSET's Emily S. Weinstein and Ngor Luong. This report focuses on the American investors who are primarily involved in investing in Chinese artificial intelligence companies.

The National Interest published an article that cited The Wall Street Journal featuring CSET's William Hannas. The article talks about the significant role that open-source intelligence (OSINT) plays in present-day intelligence gathering, which has become a crucial aspect of national security and diplomacy.

Seeking Alpha cited CSET's Will Hunt's policy brief in an article that talks about the CHIPS Act, a plan that intends to revive the US semiconductor industry but with associated risks in its implementation

America’s lead in advanced computing is almost gone

Georgetown Public Policy Review
| February 28, 2023

The Georgetown Public Policy Review recently published a paper that cited a report by CSET's Jack Corrigan, Emily S. Weinstein, Dahlia Peterson, and Ryan Fedasiuk, and CSET alumni Remco Zwetsloot and Diana Gehlhaus. The report examines data on STEM PhD graduation rates and predicts their growth in the next five years, during which China is expected to increase its lead over the United States.

A Domestic Agenda for the House Select China Committee

The Wall Street Journal
| February 27, 2023

The Wall Street Journal published an opinion article citing two reports: No Permits, No Fabs by CSET's John VerWay and Sustaining and Growing the U.S. Semiconductor Advantage: A Primer by CSET's Owen J. Daniels and Will Hunt.