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Plus, Facebook introduces PyTorch3D, AAAI conference held, and JEDI contract blocked

Ryan Fedasiuk is on leave from his role as a Research Analyst. He is currently a China Technology Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of State, sponsored by CSET's State Department Fellowship.

Margarita Konaev is Deputy Director of Analysis and a Research Fellow interested in military applications of AI and Russian military innovation in emerging technologies.

Among great powers, AI has become a new focus of competition due to its potential to transform the character of conflict and disrupt the military balance. This policy brief considers alternative paths toward AI safety and security.

Plus a growing data labeling market, U.S. Army plans for AI, and inaugural Turing AI Fellows announced

Thoughts on Russia’s AI Strategy

Margarita Konaev
| October 30, 2019

On October 10th, 2019, Russia released its national artificial intelligence strategy. Margarita Konaev analyzed the strategy in the context of Moscow's larger strategic vision.

Translation of Russia’s national strategy for the development of AI, released in October 2019. It sets a number of short- (to be completed by 2024) and medium-term (2030) qualitative goals designed to build Russia into a leading AI power.

Plus Russia’s AI strategy, DOE funds AI research, and municipal plans for military-civil fusion in China

Plus, new CSET reports on the AI workforce, AI immigration policies and Chinese technology transfer