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CSET Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg spoke with National Journal about the White House's National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies. Releasing a high-level document is wise, said Dr. Flagg, but doing so just before an election may lessen its effect.

Matthew Daniels is a Senior Fellow at CSET and senior expert in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Ben Buchanan is Director of the Cybersecurity and AI Project and Senior Faculty Fellow.

Margarita Konaev is a Research Fellow interested in military applications of AI and Russian military innovation in emerging technologies.

Dewey Murdick is the Director of Data Science. Prior to joining CSET, he was the Director of Science Analytics at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Helen Toner is Director of Strategy. She is responsible for determining CSET's strategic direction and areas of research.

Dr. Melissa Flagg is a Senior Fellow. Previously, she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research.

Among great powers, AI has become a new focus of competition due to its potential to transform the character of conflict and disrupt the military balance. This policy brief considers alternative paths toward AI safety and security.

See our translation of a CPC Central Committee and PRC State Council strategy identifying industries that China feels would most benefit from increased indigenous innovation. The document also identifies foreign talent and technology transfer as crucial for China’s emerging technology sectors.

See our translation of a CPC Central Committee and PRC State Council strategy for education reform issued in July 2010. The strategy doesn’t mention emerging technologies explicitly, but does address international educational exchange and cultivation of world-class talent, which has implications for emerging technology.