According to CSET's report "Harnessed Lightning," the Chinese military could be investing more in artificial intelligence than the United States.

Harnessed Lightning

Ryan Fedasiuk Jennifer Melot Ben Murphy
| October 2021

This report examines nearly 350 artificial intelligence-related equipment contracts awarded by the People’s Liberation Army and state-owned defense enterprises in 2020 to assess how the Chinese military is adopting AI. The report identifies China’s key AI defense industry suppliers, highlights gaps in U.S. export control policies, and contextualizes the PLA’s AI investments within China’s broader strategy to compete militarily with the United States.

Forbes highlights CSET's report, "China's Progress in Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment," in a discussion of U.S. leverage over the semiconductor supply chain.

The Wall Street Journal cited CSET's report, "Harnessed Lighting," in discussing proposals to control the spread of technology to China.

VentureBeat highlights CSET research into China's public investments in AI.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein joins a panel of national security experts for China Tech Threat's webinar on the Federal Communications Commission's Covered List and entities posing as potential national security risks.

In a podcast interview with Conversation Six, CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk unpacks the capabilities of China's hypersonic missile.

China, AI, and Emerging Tech

On Air: IR in the age of AI
| October 17, 2021

Emily Weinstein joins the On Air: IR in the age of AI podcast to discuss innovation, the U.S.-China tech competition, and AI governance in China.

According to The Hill, China is outpacing the U.S.' development of frontier technologies in part due to China's asymmetric STEM talent. According to a CSET brief, China produces twice as many STEM PhDs annually compared to the U.S.

Professor acquittal – Is China Initiative out of control?

University World News
| September 25, 2021

Research Analyst Emily Weinstein spoke with University World News about continued collaboration between Chinese and American university researchers amidst tensions from the China Initiative.