CSET study shows that 16% of Chinese students study STEM in the US, as hateful sentiment directed toward Asian and Asian-Americans amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein sits down with the ChinaTalk podcast to discuss her CSET research on China's open source information, China's brain drain, and the Military-Civil Fusion strategy.

Universities and the Chinese Defense Technology Workforce

Ryan Fedasiuk Emily Weinstein
| December 2020

To help U.S. policymakers address long-held concerns about risks and threats associated with letting Chinese university students or graduates study in the United States, CSET experts examine which forms of collaboration, and with which Chinese universities, pose the greatest risk to U.S. research security.

CSET's Chinese Talent Program Tracker helps policymakers understand China's recruitment efforts.

“Government and industry need to be more thoughtful now that technologies are advancing to a point where you could be doing real-time surveillance using a single supercomputer on millions of people potentially." CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny advocates for American technology to take responsibility over how its products are being used.

The U.S.-China split in space

| November 17, 2020

Axios' article on the divided U.S.-China space collaboration highlighted reports by CSET's Matthew Daniels and Lorand Laskai for a project of the Johns Hopkins' Applied Research Laboratory.

During this live event, CSET Research Fellow Zachary Arnold discussed the findings and recommendations of CSET's recently published report "Tracking AI Investment." Zach described the landscape of commercial AI investment and how it informs economic and security policy.

Chinese Talent Program Tracker

Emily Weinstein
| November 2020

China operates a number of party- and state-sponsored talent programs to recruit researchers -- Chinese citizens and non-citizens alike -- to bolster its strategic civilian and military goals. CSET has created a tracker to catalog publicly available information about these programs. This catalog is a work in progress; if you have further information on programs currently not included in it -- or if you spot an error -- please complete the form at

Technology Transfer and AI featuring Emily Weinstein

The Heritage Foundation: China Uncovered Podcast
| November 2, 2020

CSET research analyst Emily Weinstein appeared on the "China Uncovered" podcast. Listen to the full episode here.

Foretell is CSET's crowd forecasting pilot project focused on technology and security policy. It connects historical and forecast data on near-term events with the big-picture questions that are most relevant to policymakers.