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US Conducts ‘Wargames’ To Forestall China On Network Breach; Beijing Hardens Penal Law On Cyber Espionage

The EurAsian Times

April 24, 2023

The Eurasian Times cited a CSET report by Jack Corrigan, Sergio Fontanez, and Michael Kratsios in an article about the tightening of laws around cybersecurity and espionage by the US and China.

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Banned in D.C.

October 2022

U.S. federal policymakers have recently gained the authority to block government agencies and private organizations from using foreign technologies that pose national security risks. But securing U.S. networks will require them to wield those powers effectively and better coordinate supply chain security efforts across all levels of government. The authors provide an overview of federal- and state-level procurement bans and recommend ways to build stronger defense against foreign technology threats.

Jack Corrigan

March 2021

Jack Corrigan is a Research Analyst focusing on talent and research security issues.