In an article published by the South China Morning Post that discusses the challenges facing the United States and China in collaborating on the regulation of military artificial intelligence, CSET Research Fellow, Sam Bresnick, provided his expert insights.

U.S. Big Tech in China: Too Big to Bail

The Wire China
| May 6, 2024

In their op-ed featured in The Wire China, CSET's Ngor Luong, Sam Bresnick, and Kathleen Curlee provide their expert analysis on the changing landscape for U.S. big tech companies in China.

In an article published by WIRED exploring China's advancement in BCI technology, CSET's William Hannas offered his expert insight.

In an article published by the Associated Press exploring the rivalry between the U.S. and China in military planning, particularly focusing on a new form of warfare utilizing swarms of air and sea drones equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), CSET's Margarita Konaev offers her expert insight.

CSET's Senior Research Fellow, Ngor Luong shared her expert analysis in a strategic insights memo published by the Atlantic Council. The memo discusses the outcomes and implications of the 2023 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC) on US-China competition in 5G technology.

China Bets Big on Military AI

Center for European Policy Analysis
| April 3, 2024

In his op-ed published by the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA), CSET’s Sam Bresnick shared his expert analysis on China's evolving military capabilities and its growing emphasis on battlefield information and the role of AI.

A CSET translation was cited in an article published by Medium. The piece discusses the significance of China's 14th Five-Year Plan (covering 2021-2025) and its impact on global dynamics amidst China's rising influence.

Bibliometric Analysis of China’s Non-Therapeutic Brain-Computer Interface Research

William Hannas Huey-Meei Chang Rishika Chauhan Daniel Chou John O’Callaghan Max Riesenhuber Vikram Venkatram Jennifer Wang
| March 2024

China’s brain-computer interface research has two dimensions. Besides its usual applications in neuropathology, China is extending the benefits of BCI to the general population, aiming at enhanced cognition and a “merger” of natural and artificial intelligence. This report, authored in collaboration with researchers from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London uses bibliometric analysis and expert assessment of technical documents to evaluate China’s BCI, and conclude that the research is on track to achieve its targets.

In EqualAI's podcast 'In AI We Trust?', Helen Toner discusses key AI issues like China's policies, AI in warfare, and regulation challenges.

William Hannas, Lead Analyst at CSET, provided expert insights in a Newsweek article discussing China's development of "Supermind," a new AI-based intelligence platform.