China Threatens U.S. Primacy in Artificial Intelligence

National Defense Magazine
| October 30, 2020

CSET's Husanjot Chahal spoke to National Defense Magazine for an article about China's artificial intelligence ambitions. Read an excerpt below.

Sharp Eyes Surveillance Program Expands Dramatically

China Digital Times
| October 30, 2020

Dahlia Peterson's policy brief, "Designing Alternatives to China’s Repressive Surveillance State," was cited in a China Digital Times article. Read an excerpt from the article below.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi spoke with Newsweek about China's influence efforts in the United States. The article highlights China's efforts ahead of U.S. elections and their longer-term plans.

How crowd forecasting can predict the future

Axios Future
| October 17, 2020

Axios Future previewed CSET's Issue Brief, "Future Indices," on using historical data and the wisdom of the crowd to predict future trends.

China has built a surveillance state that has increasingly incorporated AI-enabled technologies. Their use during the COVID-19 pandemic has softened the image of China’s surveillance system, presenting unique challenges to preventing the spread of such technologies around the globe. This policy brief outlines core actions the United States and its allies can take to combat the spread of surveillance systems that threaten basic human rights.

The United States has long used export controls to prevent the proliferation of advanced semiconductors and the inputs necessary to produce them. With Beijing building up its own chipmaking industry, the United States has begun tightening restrictions on exports of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. This brief provides an overview of U.S. semiconductor export control policies and analyzes the impacts of those policies on U.S.-China trade.

Future Indices

Michael Page Catherine Aiken Dewey Murdick
| October 19, 2020

Foretell is CSET's crowd forecasting pilot project focused on technology and security policy. It connects historical and forecast data on near-term events with the big-picture questions that are most relevant to policymakers. This issue brief uses recent forecast data to illustrate Foretell’s methodology.

See our original translation of a document that lays out the PRC government’s priorities for developing China’s civilian space infrastructure through 2025. It recommends that China reduce its reliance on foreign civilian satellite technology, but also advocates for continued use of international exchanges and technology transfer as ways to catch up to more technologically advanced countries in space infrastructure.

CSET Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg spoke with National Journal about the White House's National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies. Releasing a high-level document is wise, said Dr. Flagg, but doing so just before an election may lessen its effect.

See our original translation of a speech that Xi delivered to a meeting of academics in 2020 that he convened to solicit input for China’s upcoming 14th Five-Year Plan.