Bolstering U.S. Research Security

Melissa Flagg Zachary Arnold
| September 2020

Establishing a new public-private institution to improve American research security

In this brief, CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk analyzes how China gathers funding to influence overseas Chinese communities.

How should the United States understand and respond to China’s technologically driven mass surveillance, internment and indoctrination in Xinjiang? Dahlia Peterson offers a set of policy recommendations in a coauthored report for the Brookings Institution.

CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny testified before the House Budget Committee on preparing for the potential effects of artificial intelligence on the U.S. economy. Read about VentureBeat's coverage of the hearing below.

Patents and Artificial Intelligence

Dewey Murdick
| September 2020

Patent data can provide insights into the most active countries, fields and organizations in artificial intelligence research. This data brief analyzes worldwide trends in AI patenting to offer metrics on inventive activity.

See our original translation of the PRC Ministry of Commerce technology export restrictions that would likely complicate the proposed sale of short video app TikTok to a U.S. buyer.

See our original translation of the 2019 budget for the PRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).

See our original translation excerpt from a Chinese government think tank report on China's use of digital health technology to fight COVID-19.

See our original translation of the 2019 budget of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST).

See our original translation of the 2019 budget for the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a PRC government body responsible for scientific research and for providing strategic scientific and technological input to PRC decision-makers.