Reconsidering the ‘China Initiative’

Inside Higher Ed
| March 2, 2021

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi weighs in on the China Initiative and whether the Chinese government is exploiting its talent programs to target U.S. innovation.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein discusses difficulties in identifying Chinese entities that are defense-affiliated amidst growing concerns over American university research being relayed to the Chinese military.

CSET experts Anna Puglisi and Ryan Fedasiuk sat down with China Talk podcast to discuss their contributions on the recent book "China's Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage."

Beyond the China Initiative

| February 22, 2021

To understand China's technology transfer efforts, CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein suggests using China's open-source documentation as a resource.

Assessing the Scope of U.S. Visa Restrictions on Chinese Students

Remco Zwetsloot Emily Weinstein Ryan Fedasiuk
| February 2021

In May 2020, the White House announced it would deny visas to Chinese graduate students and researchers who are affiliated with organizations that implement or support China’s military-civil fusion strategy. The authors discuss several ways this policy might be implemented. Based on Chinese and U.S. policy documents and data sources, they estimate that between three and five thousand Chinese students might be prevented from entering U.S. graduate programs each year.

Chinese State Council Budget Tracker

Ryan Fedasiuk Emily Weinstein Ben Murphy Alan Loera
| February 2021

It’s widely understood that Beijing invests significant resources in shoring up its science and technology prowess, but the extent and flows of the Chinese government’s public investments in S&T are not as well known. This project tracks publicly available information about the budgets of more than two-dozen high-level Chinese government entities, including those that support science, technology, and talent recruitment.

Using Machine Learning to Fill Gaps in Chinese AI Market Data

Zachary Arnold Joanne Boisson Lorenzo Bongiovanni Daniel Chou Carrie Peelman Ilya Rahkovsky
| February 2021

In this proof-of-concept project, CSET and Amplyfi Ltd. used machine learning models and Chinese-language web data to identify Chinese companies active in artificial intelligence. Most of these companies were not labeled or described as AI-related in two high-quality commercial datasets. The authors' findings show that using structured data alone—even from the best providers—will yield an incomplete picture of the Chinese AI landscape.

The Chip Choke Point

The Wire China
| February 8, 2021

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt discusses the future of emerging tech should China gain leverage over the United States in the semiconductor industry.

CSET research finds that one-fifth of Chinese students will not be allowed to enroll in STEM programs due to U.S. visa restrictions.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein emphasizes the increased role China's civil entities play in its military and defense strategy.