Huey-Meei Chang is a Research Analyst at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET). She earned a B.S. in mathematical statistics from National Taipei University’s College of Law and Commerce. Huey began her career in Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, Institute of Biomedical Sciences as a data analyst, emigrated to the United States, and left the workforce temporarily to raise a family. She taught Chinese at local institutions, took courses in language pedagogy and information systems, and held full-time U.S. government contracts designing and teaching Chinese language programs and document analysis to staff at the State and Defense departments and intelligence community officers for the past 12 years.

China AI-Brain Research

September 2020

Since 2016, China has engaged in a nationwide effort to "merge" AI and neuroscience research as a major part of its next-generation AI development program. This report explores China’s AI-brain program — identifying key players and organizations and recommending the creation of an open source S&T monitoring capability within the U.S. government.

China is broadening its deeply rooted technology transfer practices to include artificial intelligence. As these efforts bear fruit, we discuss how the United States can and should respond.