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Chinese Spies: Is America helpless against PRC espionage?

Hoover Institution
| October 6, 2022

CSET's Anna Puglisi joins the Hoover Institution's podcast Pacific Century to discuss just how widely and successfully Chinese spies have penetrated American business, government, and academia.

While cyber theft and espionage deserve considerable attention, CSET's William Hannas discussed additional dangers the United States suffers from against China.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi emphasizes the Chinese government's policies to incentivize academic researchers to engage in economic espionage and undermine global norms of collaboration.

William Hannas is Lead Analyst. He studies Chinese technology transfer and S&T priorities and concerns.

Huey-Meei Chang is a Senior China S&T Specialist focusing on Chinese science and technology.

China’s Access to Foreign AI Technology

William Hannas Huey-Meei Chang
| September 2019

China is broadening its deeply rooted technology transfer practices to include artificial intelligence. As these efforts bear fruit, we discuss how the United States can and should respond.