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Have Compute, Will Travel


April 27, 2023

A CSET data brief by Micah Musser, Rebecca Gelles, Ronnie Kinoshita, Catherine Aiken, and Andrew Lohn was cited by Politico in a newsletter about the rapidly changing field of artificial intelligence and the debate surrounding its regulation.

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Progress in artificial intelligence (AI) depends on talented researchers, well-designed algorithms, quality datasets, and powerful hardware. The relative importance of these factors is often debated, with many recent “notable” models requiring massive expenditures of advanced hardware. But how important is computational power for AI progress in general? This data brief explores the results of a survey of more than 400 AI researchers to evaluate the importance and distribution of computational needs.

Micah Musser

April 2020

Micah Musser is a Research Analyst working on the CyberAI Project.

Rebecca Gelles

March 2020

Rebecca Gelles is a Data Scientist. Previously, she studied at the University of Maryland.

Ronnie Kinoshita

March 2022

Ronnie Kinoshita is a Survey Research Analyst, supporting various lines of research.

Catherine Aiken

December 2019

Catherine Aiken is the Director of Data Science and Research. Before joining CSET as its survey specialist, she was at the University of Maryland.

Andrew Lohn

June 2020

Andrew Lohn is a Senior Fellow working on the CyberAI Project.