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CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China's use of technological tools to enable its widespread surveillance system.

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China’s latest surveillance program, Sharp Eyes, as well as technical limitations to accurately reporting censorship and physical surveillance.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein assesses Taiwan's use of technology to monitor COVID-19 amongst its citizens with respect to privacy.

“Government and industry need to be more thoughtful now that technologies are advancing to a point where you could be doing real-time surveillance using a single supercomputer on millions of people potentially." CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny advocates for American technology to take responsibility over how its products are being used.

Sharp Eyes Surveillance Program Expands Dramatically

China Digital Times
| October 30, 2020

Dahlia Peterson's policy brief, "Designing Alternatives to China’s Repressive Surveillance State," was cited in a China Digital Times article. Read an excerpt from the article below.

China has built a surveillance state that has increasingly incorporated AI-enabled technologies. Their use during the COVID-19 pandemic has softened the image of China’s surveillance system, presenting unique challenges to preventing the spread of such technologies around the globe. This policy brief outlines core actions the United States and its allies can take to combat the spread of surveillance systems that threaten basic human rights.

Plus: CA firefighters use AI, Rep. McCaul introduces export control bill and State Department issues guidance on surveillance technology

How should the United States understand and respond to China’s technologically driven mass surveillance, internment and indoctrination in Xinjiang? Dahlia Peterson offers a set of policy recommendations in a coauthored report for the Brookings Institution.

China’s Use of AI in its COVID-19 Response

Emily S. Weinstein
| August 2020

The current global pandemic has given China a chance to amplify its efforts to apply artificial intelligence across the public and private spheres. Chinese companies are developing and retooling AI systems for control and prevention. This data brief assesses the types of AI technologies used to fight COVID-19 and the key players involved in this industry.

Dahlia Peterson is a State Department Fellow. Her previous research has included how China harnesses various technologies for its AI-powered surveillance programs.