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In her coauthored report, CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson offers recommendations for democratic governments and civil society to rein in the unchecked spread and use of surveillance technology.

In an opinion piece for The National Interest, Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson argues why the United States and its allies should levy Magnitsky sanctions on Chinese AI surveillance giant Hikvision for its role in Xinjiang.

The Surveillance Stake

The Wire China
| February 20, 2022

Emily Weinstein comments on the use of a Chinese surveillance system and its connection to American financial backing.

Trends in AI Research for the Visual Surveillance of Populations

Ashwin Acharya Max Langenkamp James Dunham
| January 2022

Progress in artificial intelligence has led to growing concern about the capabilities of AI-powered surveillance systems. This data brief uses bibliometric analysis to chart recent trends in visual surveillance research — what share of overall computer vision research it comprises, which countries are leading the way, and how things have varied over time.

How China harnesses data fusion to make sense of surveillance data

Brookings Institution
| September 23, 2021

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson unpacks China's use of data fusion in its surveillance programs and policy implications.

Research by CSET's Emily Weinstein discusses China's use of AI surveillance to monitor COVID-19 patients.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein weighs in on U.S. technology companies relying on China for growth and contributing to Chinese surveillance systems.

CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk discusses President Xi Jinping's use of the internet to serve the PRC.

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China's use of technological tools to enable its widespread surveillance system.

CSET Research Analyst Dahlia Peterson discusses China’s latest surveillance program, Sharp Eyes, as well as technical limitations to accurately reporting censorship and physical surveillance.