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Xi Jinping’s big bang for Chinese stockmarkets

The Economist
| November 22, 2022

CSET's Ngor Luong discusses Chinese guidance funds with The Economist.

The White House supports transparency in American investment in critical sectors in China, but current export controls are not sufficient to prevent out-bound investment issues according to Research Fellow Emily Weinstein.

The rise of China’s VC-industrial complex

The Economist
| June 27, 2022

China's use of guidance funds serves to deploy massive amounts of capital in support of strategic and emerging technologies. According to a CSET report, there were more than 1,300 city and district guidance funds by 2019. One city in central China has at least ten of them.

AI and Compute

Andrew Lohn Micah Musser
| January 2022

Between 2012 and 2018, the amount of computing power used by record-breaking artificial intelligence models doubled every 3.4 months. Even with money pouring into the AI field, this trendline is unsustainable. Because of cost, hardware availability and engineering difficulties, the next decade of AI can't rely exclusively on applying more and more computing power to drive further progress.

CSET's Ngor Luong spoke the Federal News Network's "Federal Drive with Tom Temin" to discuss defense companies' investment in AI.

VentureBeat highlights CSET research into China's public investments in AI.

Mapping the AI Investment Activities of Top Global Defense Companies

Ngor Luong Rebecca Gelles Melissa Flagg
| October 2021

Militaries around the world have often relied on the largest global defense companies to acquire and integrate cutting-edge technologies. This issue brief examines the investment and mergers and acquisition activities in artificial intelligence of the top 50 global defense companies — a key, if limited, approach to accessing AI innovation in the commercial sector — and assesses investment trends of their corporate venture capital subsidiaries and offers a geographic breakdown of defense companies and their AI target companies.

Headline or Trend Line?

Margarita Konaev Andrew Imbrie Ryan Fedasiuk Emily S. Weinstein Katerina Sedova James Dunham
| August 2021

Chinese and Russian government officials are keen to publicize their countries’ strategic partnership in emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence. This report evaluates the scope of cooperation between China and Russia as well as relative trends over time in two key metrics of AI development: research publications and investment. The findings expose gaps between aspirations and reality, bringing greater accuracy and nuance to current assessments of Sino-Russian tech cooperation.

Indonesia’s AI Promise in Perspective

Kayla Goode Heeu Millie Kim
| August 2021

The United States and China are keeping an eye on Indonesia’s artificial intelligence potential given the country’s innovation-driven national strategy and flourishing AI industry. China views Indonesia as an anchor for its economic, digital, and political inroads in Southeast Asia and has invested aggressively in new partnerships. The United States, with robust political and economic relations rooted in shared democratic ideals, has an opportunity to leverage its comparative advantages and tap into Indonesia’s AI potential through high-level agreements.

House Hearing Airs Cases For and Against Semiconductor Funding Surge

American Institute of Physics
| August 10, 2021

CSET's Will Hunt advocates for the CHIPS Act as part of his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee to strengthen the U.S.' semiconductor industry.