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Corporate Investors in Top U.S. AI Startups

Rebecca Kagan Rebecca Gelles Zachary Arnold
| February 2021

Corporate investors are a significant player in the U.S. AI startup ecosystem, funding 71 percent of top U.S. AI startups. The authors analyze the trends in top corporate funders and the startups receiving corporate money.

During this live event, CSET Research Fellow Zachary Arnold discussed the findings and recommendations of CSET's recently published report "Tracking AI Investment." Zach described the landscape of commercial AI investment and how it informs economic and security policy.

How crowd forecasting can predict the future

Axios Future
| October 17, 2020

Axios Future previewed CSET's Issue Brief, "Future Indices," on using historical data and the wisdom of the crowd to predict future trends.

Microsoft Unveils Lobe; Will this Make AI Mainstream?

Psychology Today
| October 26, 2020

Psychology Today published an article on Microsoft's new Lobe application. The article featured original research from several CSET experts, including Research Fellow Zachary Arnold, Data Analyst Ilya Rahkovsky and Research Analyst Tina Huang.

CSET Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg spoke with National Journal about the White House's National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies. Releasing a high-level document is wise, said Dr. Flagg, but doing so just before an election may lessen its effect.

Plus: Chinese executives launch tech fund, Trump considers blacklisting SMIC, and House approves AI Center of Excellence

CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny testified before the House Budget Committee for its hearing, "Machines, Artificial Intelligence, & the Workforce: Recovering and Readying Our Economy for the Future." Dr. Matheny's full testimony as prepared for delivery can be found below.

Power on the Precipice

September 8, 2020

Former Deputy National Security Advisor hosted Dr. Andrew Imbrie, a senior fellow at CSET, for a discussion on his new book, Power on the Precipice.

Power on the Precipice

September 4, 2020

Avril Haines will host CSET Senior Fellow Andrew Imbrie for a discussion of his new book, Power on the Precipice, which outlines a strategy for maintaining U.S. global leadership in a turbulent world.

Plus, New Zealand’s Algorithm Charter, the House Intel Authorization Act and ODNI’s AI principles.