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Christian Schoeberl is a Data Research Analyst at CSET.

Owen Daniels is a Policy Communications Specialist at CSET, working across the organization's analytical portfolio.

Measuring AI Development

Jack Clark Kyle Miller Rebecca Gelles
| December 2021

By combining a versatile and frequently updated bibliometrics tool — the CSET Map of Science — with more hands-on analyses of technical developments, this brief outlines a methodology for measuring the publication growth of AI-related topics, where that growth is occurring, what organizations and individuals are involved, and when technical improvements in performance occur.

Jack Corrigan is a Research Analyst focusing on talent and research security issues.

Sara Abdulla is a Data Research Analyst at CSET.

Igor Mikolic-Torreira is the Director of Analysis. He was previously with the RAND Corporation, where he led research on military cyber operations and cyber weapon effects.