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Christian Schoeberl is a Data Research Analyst at CSET.

Owen Daniels is the Andrew W. Marshall Fellow and Policy Communications Specialist at CSET, working across the organization's analytical portfolio.

Measuring AI Development

Jack Clark Kyle Miller Rebecca Gelles
| December 2021

By combining a versatile and frequently updated bibliometrics tool — the CSET Map of Science — with more hands-on analyses of technical developments, this brief outlines a methodology for measuring the publication growth of AI-related topics, where that growth is occurring, what organizations and individuals are involved, and when technical improvements in performance occur.

Jack Corrigan is a Senior Research Analyst focusing on the U.S. innovation ecosystem and national competitiveness.

Sara Abdulla was a Data Research Analyst at CSET.

Igor Mikolic-Torreira is the Director of Analysis. He was previously with the RAND Corporation, where he led research on military cyber operations and cyber weapon effects.