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How can the U.S. government and its allies make effective use of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and other emerging technologies? Our research in this area examines AI-enabled emerging technologies relevant to national security, opportunities and challenges for adoption and application, and opportunities for alliances in the development and deployment of AI-enabled systems. 

Recent Publications

Data Brief

U.S. and Chinese Military AI Purchases

Margarita Konaev Ryan Fedasiuk Jack Corrigan Ellen Lu Alex Stephenson Helen Toner Rebecca Gelles
| August 2023

This data brief uses procurement records published by the U.S. Department of Defense and China’s People’s Liberation Army between April and November of 2020 to assess, and, where appropriate, compare what each military is buying when it comes to artificial intelligence. We find that the two militaries are prioritizing similar...

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Data Brief

Who Cares About Trust?

Autumn Toney Emelia Probasco
| July 2023

Artificial intelligence-enabled systems are transforming society and driving an intense focus on what policy and technical communities can do to ensure that those systems are trustworthy and used responsibly. This analysis draws on prior work about the use of trustworthy AI terms to identify 18 clusters of research papers that...

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Defending the Ultimate High Ground

Corey Crowell Sam Bresnick
| July 2023

China has poured resources into improving the resilience of its space architecture. But how much progress has Beijing made? This issue brief analyzes China’s space resilience efforts and identifies areas where the United States may need to invest to keep pace.

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Recent Blog Articles

Replicator: A Bold New Path for DoD

Michael O’Connor
| September 18. 2023

The Replicator effort by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is intended to overcome some of the military challenges posed by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA). This blog post intends to both identify tradeoffs for the Department to consider as it charts the path for Replicator, and to provide a...

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Recent announcements from both Pentagon and Congressional leaders offer significant opportunity for rapidly delivering autonomous systems technology at-scale for U.S. Warfighters well into the future. Dr. Jaret Riddick, CSET Senior Fellow and former Principal Director for Autonomy in USD(R&E) offers his perspective on DOD’s Replicator Initiative and recent legislative proposals...

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The Russians Are Getting Better: What Moscow Has Learned in Ukraine

Margarita Konaev Owen Daniels
| September 6. 2023

In their op-ed featured in Foreign Affairs, CSET’s Margarita Konaev and Owen J. Daniels shared their expert analysis in an op-ed published by Foreign Affairs. The op-ed delves into Ukraine's summer counteroffensive against Russia and the obstacles it has faced, while also acknowledging the resilience and adaptability of the Ukrainian...

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Our People

Emelia Probasco

Senior Fellow

Autumn Toney

Data Research Analyst

Kathleen Curlee

Research Analyst

Lauren Kahn

Senior Research Analyst

Margarita Konaev

Deputy Director of Analysis and Research Fellow

Sam Bresnick

Research Fellow

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In an article published by The Wall Street Journal, Emily S. Weinstein shared her expert insights. The article discusses how the strong collaboration between the U.S. and China in scientific research is weakening due to worsening relations between the two countries.
CSET Deputy Director of Analysis Margarita Konaev expects to see AI software applied in warfare in the new year.
CSET Senior Fellow Emelia Probasco shared her thoughts on the National Defense Authorization Act developments and the DOD's push to implement AI technology.

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Kalaris Conference

November 1, 2023
Gaston Hall, Healy Building Georgetown University 3700 O St NW, Washington, DC 20057

On November 1, 2023, CSET will be co-hosting the all day Kalaris Conference with Georgetown's Center for Security Studies. This year's event focuses on "Decision Advantage: Emerging Technology Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Intelligence." Join us in person or virtually for exciting panel discussions and keynotes.