The ChinAI newsletter features CSET's work to analyze China's demand for AI talent.

OODA Loop offers recommendations on public-private collaborations to improve policy research on global emerging technology topics.

The Register reports on CSET's analysis of China's demand for AI talent.

How Scientists Can Inform Policy Decisions

| November 8, 2022

In an opinion piece for Nature, CSET's Director Dewey Murdick draws from his own experiences and expertise to share how scientists and other technical experts can inform valuable policy decisions and communicate with policymakers.

China’s AI Workforce

Diana Gehlhaus Joanne Boisson Sara Abdulla Jacob Feldgoise Luke Koslosky Dahlia Peterson
| November 2022

U.S. policies on artificial intelligence education and the AI workforce must grow, cultivate, attract, and retain the world’s best and brightest. Given China’s role as a producer of AI talent, understanding its AI workforce could provide important insight. This report provides an analysis of the AI workforce demand in China using a novel dataset of 6.8 million job postings. It then outlines potential implications along with future reports in this series.

CSET's Ali Crawford and Jessica Ji submitted this comment to the Office of the National Cyber Director in response to a request for information on a national strategy for a cyber workforce, training, and education.

A CSET report finds that China has produced more STEM doctorates than the United States, and predicts that by 2025 Chinese universities will produce more than 77,000 STEM PhD graduates per year compared to approximately 40,000 in the United States.

A CSET report found that by 2025, Chinese STEM Ph.D. graduates would outnumber their U.S. counterparts more than 3 to 1, if international students are excluded from the U.S. count.

America’s Brain Drain

The Wire China
| October 9, 2022

Research Fellow Emily Weinstein expresses concern for U.S. competitiveness after a new study shows Chinese academics are departing the United States at an accelerating pace.

A CSET report shares insights on community college-level artificial intelligence workforce training and where further investment is needed.