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New Student Visa Rule Likely to Harm National Security More Than Help

Jason Matheny Zachary Arnold
| October 26, 2020

CSET submitted the following comment to the Department of Homeland Security regarding a fixed time period of admission for nonimmigrant students, exchange visitors and representatives of foreign information media.

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Plus, Lockheed Martin to develop cyber jamming pod, Huawei partners with chipmakers, and many AI COVID-19 models found to be unreliable

Zachary Arnold studies AI-related investment flows and workforce trends.

Remco Zwetsloot is a Research Fellow studying artificial intelligence talent policy and flows, as well as the security dimensions of AI.

Roxanne Heston is a Department of State CSET Fellow at the U.S. Department of State.

Talent is core to U.S. competitiveness in artificial intelligence, and international graduate students are a large source of AI talent for the United States. Graduate student retention has been a historical U.S. strength, but that strength is endangered by recent trends, finds a new CSET report.

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