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CSET's Margarita Konaev weighs in on the DOD's list of technological priorities and vision for deliverable military capabilities.

Since 1990, the U.S. share of global semiconductor manufacturing capacity has declined while the shares of China, South Korea, and Taiwan have increased. If carefully targeted, CHIPS for America Act incentives could reverse this trend for the types of chips that matter most to U.S. national security. In this policy brief, the author assesses how CHIPS Act incentives should be distributed across different types of chips.

Chinese and U.S. University Rankings

Jack Corrigan Simon Rodriguez
| January 2022

The strength of a country’s talent pipeline depends in no small part on the quality of its universities. This data brief explores how Chinese and U.S. universities perform in two different global university rankings, why their standings have changed over time, and what those trends mean for graduates.

In an opinion piece for Foreign Policy, Research Analyst Emily Weinstein argues for the U.S. Department of Justice to clearly define its China Initiative mission.

50 Global Hubs for Top AI Talent

Harvard Business Review
| December 21, 2021

In an analysis on diversity within AI tech talent, a CSET report found that black workers constitute only 11.8% of the AI tech workforce.

CSET Research Fellow Margarita Konaev anticipates a shift in the U.S. military's modernization of major weapons systems and AI capabilities now that the U.S. is pivoting away from counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East.

In an opinion piece for Foreign Policy, research analysts Ryan Fedasiuk and Emily Weinstein lay out key resources at the heart of the U.S.-China competition.

Strengthening the U.S.-ROK Technology Alliance

Korea on Point
| December 3, 2021

CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk outlines three areas in need of attention to strengthen the U.S.-ROK technology alliance.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi discusses China's efforts to stifle free speech among its citizens abroad, including university students in the United States.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi discusses China's new systematic approach to acquiring new technologies through U.S. companies and universities.