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CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi discusses China's efforts to stifle free speech among its citizens abroad, including university students in the United States.

CSET Senior Fellow Anna Puglisi discusses China's new systematic approach to acquiring new technologies through U.S. companies and universities.

Federal AI Workforce Development Requires Skills Diversity

Government CIO Media & Research
| November 08, 2021

Skills and diversity are needed for a strong AI workforce according to CSET's Diana Gehlhaus during Government CIO's National Security virtual event.

Federal Prize Competitions

Ali Crawford Ido Wulkan
| November 2021

In science and technology, U.S. federal prize competitions are a way to promote innovation, advance knowledge, and solicit technological solutions to problems. In this report, the authors identify the unique advantages of such competitions over traditional R&D processes, and how these advantages might benefit artificial intelligence research.

CSET reports "Assessing the Scope of U.S. Visa Restrictions on Chinese Students" and "Universities and the Chinese Defense Technology Workforce" offer their analysis on how U.S. visa restrictions are affecting Chinese STEM students.

Defense Companies Are Not Buying AI

The Kitchen Sync
| October 22, 2021

A CSET report showcases how global defense companies are approaching AI.

CSET's Will Hunt spoke with Ars Technica over the continuous demand for semiconductors and supply chain disruptions.

AI Education Catalog

Claire Perkins Diana Gehlhaus Kayla Goode Jennifer Melot Ehrik Aldana Grace Doerfler Gayani Gamage
| October 2021

Created through a joint partnership between CSET and the AI Education Project, the AI Education Catalog aims to raise awareness of the AI-related programs available to students and educators, as well as to help inform AI education and workforce policy.

In an opinion piece for The Hill, Research Fellow Diana Gehlhaus calls for a clear U.S. AI workforce policy if the U.S. wants to be the leader in AI talent drawing from her latest report.

U.S. AI Workforce: Policy Recommendations

Diana Gehlhaus Luke Koslosky Kayla Goode Claire Perkins
| October 2021

This policy brief addresses the need for a clearly defined artificial intelligence education and workforce policy by providing recommendations designed to grow, sustain, and diversify the U.S. AI workforce. The authors employ a comprehensive definition of the AI workforce—technical and nontechnical occupations—and provide data-driven policy goals. Their recommendations are designed to leverage opportunities within the U.S. education and training system while mitigating its challenges, and prioritize equity in access and opportunity to AI education and AI careers.