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Ronnie Kinoshita is a Deputy Director of Data Science and Research at Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET).

Classifying AI Systems

Catherine Aiken
| November 2021

This brief explores the development and testing of artificial intelligence system classification frameworks intended to distill AI systems into concise, comparable and policy-relevant dimensions. Comparing more than 1,800 system classifications, it points to several factors that increase the utility of a framework for human classification of AI systems and enable AI system management, risk assessment and governance.

CSET's Chinese Talent Program Tracker helps policymakers understand China's recruitment efforts.

Is there a rift between the U.S. tech sector and the Department of Defense? To better understand this relationship, CSET surveyed U.S. AI industry professionals about their views toward working on DOD-funded AI projects. The authors find that these professionals hold a broad range of opinions about working with DOD. Among the key findings: Most AI professionals are positive or neutral about working on DOD-funded AI projects, and willingness to work with DOD increases for projects with humanitarian applications.

Catherine Aiken is the Director of Data Science and Research. Before joining CSET as its survey specialist, she was at the University of Maryland.