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Funding from the CHIPS and Science Act is expected to build new semiconductor manufacturing plants, but to staff new fabs, Research Analyst Will Hunt estimates a need for more than 3,000 high-tech workers.

Congress, China, and the Plan to Compete

The Wire China
| August 7, 2022

A key provision in the final CHIPS and Science Act that was dropped would have made high-skilled immigration to work in the U.S. easier. A CSET study estimated new semiconductor manufacturing plants may require 3,500 foreign-born high-skilled workers.

According to a CSET report, China's weaknesses in semiconductor manufacturing can be exploited through the use of export and investment controls.

The United States is expected to coordinate with other major chip-making countries that are allies to avoid a subsidy competition to land chip-factory investments according to CSET's Will Hunt.

The Biden administration hopes to turn the U.S. into a hub for microchip manufacturing with help from Intel, but to reshore chip manufacturing, the U.S. needs to attract foreign talent. According to a CSET study, the chip industry would only need around 3,500 foreign-born workers to effectively staff new U.S.-based factories.

In an interview with DefenseOne, CSET's Ryan Fedasiuk and Will Hunt discussed efforts the U.S. can take to reshore semiconductor manufacturing after the House passed the CHIPS Act.

If the U.S. semiconductor industry expands with the passing of the CHIPS Act, about 13,000 new engineers and software developers will be needed in short order, and some 3,500 positions could be unfilled according to a CSET report.

In his CSET report, John VerWey outlines how targeted investment incentives to increase U.S.-based advanced packaging capacity are also important for increasing semiconductor supply chain resilience.

A CSET report highlights the potential for China to supplant the U.S. as the world leader in leading-edge semiconductor production.

Nationwide expansion of semiconductor manufacturing facilities could create as many as 27,000 jobs in the semiconductor industry according to a CSET report.