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Mapping U.S. Multinationals’ Global AI R&D Activity

Roxanne Heston Remco Zwetsloot
| December 2020

Many factors influence where U.S. tech multinational corporations decide to conduct their global artificial intelligence research and development (R&D). Company AI labs are spread all over the world, especially in North America, Europe and Asia. But in contrast to AI labs, most company AI staff remain concentrated in the United States. Roxanne Heston and Remco Zwetsloot explain where these companies conduct AI R&D, why they select particular locations, and how they establish their presence there. The report is accompanied by a new open-source dataset of more than 60 AI R&D labs run by these companies worldwide.

A CSET study cited in this article showed that 68 percent of the United States’ top 50 artificial intelligence companies were co-founded by immigrants, most of whom came the U.S. as students. The Biden administration's recommitment to R&D could shape U.S. immigration policy.

In an article about U.S.-China AI competition, EnterpriseAI quoted CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny.

Axios Science published an article on the future of science and technology policy in the next presidential term. The article featured original research from several CSET experts, including Research Fellow Remco Zwetsloot and Senior Fellow Melissa Flagg.

System Re-engineering

Melissa Flagg Paul Harris
| September 2020

The United States must adopt a new approach to R&D policy to optimize the diversity of the current system, manage the risks of system dispersion and deliver the benefits of R&D to society. This policy brief provides a new framework for understanding the U.S. R&D ecosystem and recommendations for repositioning the role of the federal government in R&D.

New Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Kratsios spoke with CSET Founding Director Jason Matheny and delivered formal remarks in his first public appearance in the role. The pre-recorded discussion and remarks addressed the challenges and opportunities inherent in defense innovation.

CSET's Melissa Flagg spoke with Axios about her recent research on global investment in R&D. While the U.S. global share has fallen, the R&D of the United States and its allies accounts for more than 50% of global R&D, she argued.

Global R&D and a New Era of Alliances

Melissa Flagg
| June 2020

Research and development funding and technological leadership are crucial to sustaining America’s comparative advantages. While the prevailing narrative suggests that China leads in a bipolar competition, in reality, the United States and its allies comprise a majority of global R&D.

Matthew Daniels was a Senior Fellow at CSET and senior expert in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

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