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Militaries seek to harness artificial intelligence for decision advantage. Yet AI systems introduce a new source of uncertainty in the likelihood of technical failures. Such failures could interact with strategic and human factors in ways that lead to miscalculation and escalation in a crisis or conflict. Harnessing AI effectively requires managing these risk trade-offs by reducing the likelihood, and containing the consequences of, AI failures.

In an opinion piece for Lawfare, CSET Policy Communications Specialist Owen Daniels examined the prospects for AI applications initiating a new “revolution in military affairs.”

Deputy Director of Analysis Margarita Konaev discussed the Russian military's setbacks in Ukraine.

Why business is booming for military AI startups

MIT Technology Review
| July 7, 2022

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Research Analyst Ngor Luong discussed the business boom of AI companies with military ambitions since the war in Ukraine.

The Navy Must Learn to Hide from Algorithms

U.S. Naval Institute
| May 2022

Looking at adversarial military AI systems, a CSET study found that the People's Liberation Army spends more than $1.6 billion each year on AI-related systems and equipment.

Emelia Probasco is a Senior Fellow, focusing on the military applications of Artificial Intelligence.

How China is using AI for warfare

Analytics India Magazine
| February 21, 2022

CSET's "Harnessed Lightning" outlined China's prioritization of AI's usage for military applications.

China Matching Pentagon Spending on AI

National Defense Magazine
| January 6, 2022

The Chinese military has made extraordinary progress in procuring AI systems for combat and support functions according to a CSET's report "Harnessed Lightning."

CSET Research Fellow Margarita Konaev anticipates a shift in the U.S. military's modernization of major weapons systems and AI capabilities now that the U.S. is pivoting away from counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East.

Research Fellow Margarita Konaev highlights the role of Turkish drones in recent conflicts and Russia's stance on the issue.