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Keeping Top AI Talent in the United States

Remco Zwetsloot
| December 2019

Talent is core to U.S. competitiveness in artificial intelligence, and international graduate students are a large source of AI talent for the United States. Retaining them in this country as they transition into the workforce is key. Graduate student retention has historically been a core U.S. strength, but that strength is endangered by recent events.

Plus using NLP to identify disinformation, the USCC annual report and progress on AI R&D

China’s technology transfer programs are broad, deeply rooted and calculated to support the country’s development of artificial intelligence, providing China early insight and access to foreign technical innovations.

Plus, new CSET reports on the AI workforce, AI immigration policies and Chinese technology transfer

As the artificial intelligence field becomes more developed globally, restrictive immigration policies threaten America’s ability to recruit and retain foreign AI talent, according to a new CSET report.

Immigration Policy and the U.S. AI Sector

Zachary Arnold
| September 2019

As the artificial intelligence field becomes more developed globally, the United States will continue to rely on foreign AI talent to stay ahead of the curve. Here are our preliminary recommendations to maintain current U.S. leadership, bolster the domestic AI workforce and improve the outlook for the future.

CSET Director of Strategy Helen Toner testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission at a hearing on "Technology, Trade, and Military-Civil Fusion: China’s Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence, New Materials, and New Energy."