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Power on the Precipice

September 8, 2020

Former Deputy National Security Advisor hosted Dr. Andrew Imbrie, a senior fellow at CSET, for a discussion on his new book, Power on the Precipice.

Husanjot Chahal is a Research Analyst focusing on data competitiveness, AI cooperation and conflict, and military applications of emerging technologies.

Andrew Imbrie is a Senior Fellow focusing on artificial intelligence, transatlantic relations, and international security.

Among great powers, AI has become a new focus of competition due to its potential to transform the character of conflict and disrupt the military balance. This policy brief considers alternative paths toward AI safety and security.

Strengthening the U.S. AI Workforce

Remco Zwetsloot
| September 2019

A sustained talent shortage could undermine U.S. strength in artificial intelligence; current immigration policies would make it worse. Read our recommendations for bolstering U.S. leadership in AI research and practice.