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In a Forbes article discussing the challenges posed by AI-generated content in the context of political campaigns and the upcoming presidential election, CSET's Josh A. Goldstein provided his expert take.

In an interview with the Australian network ABC TV News, Research Analyst Hanna Dohmen explained the significance of China's new regulations on deepfakes.

China Deepfake Regulations

BBC World News
| January 10, 2023

In an interview with BBC World News, Research Analyst Hanna Dohmen explains the significance of China's new regulations on deepfake technology.

"Deepfakes: A Grounded Threat Assessment" by Tim Hwang was cited in VentureBeat. Read the mention of CSET's research below.

The rise of deepfakes could enhance the effectiveness of disinformation efforts by states, political parties and adversarial actors. How rapidly is this technology advancing, and who in reality might adopt it for malicious ends? This report offers a comprehensive deepfake threat assessment grounded in the latest machine learning research on generative models.

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