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In a recent episode of The Lawfare Podcast, which explores the use of autonomous and AI-enabled weapons in warfare, Lauren Kahn, a Senior Research Analyst at CSET, provides her expert take.

In a commentary published by Nature, Josh A. Goldstein and Zachary Arnold, along with co-authors, explore how artificial intelligence, including large language models like ChatGPT, can enhance science advice for policymaking.

Lauren Kahn is a Senior Research Analyst at CSET, focused on national security applications of artificial intelligence.

In a Washington Post article, it was mentioned that Dewey Murdick, Executive Director of CSET, was among the industry leaders invited to speak during the briefing with senators.

In a Nikkei Asia article discussing the need for a global regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, CSET's Helen Toner offered her expert insights.

CSET's Helen Toner shared her expert insights in a CNBC article discussing the divergent perspectives of Google and OpenAI regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence by the U.S. government.

A CSET report written by Saif M. Khan was cited in an article published by the Associated Press discussing Nvidia’s achievement of joining the $1 trillion market capitalization club, highlighting its success in the growing field of artificial intelligence.

Sam Bresnick is a Research Fellow at CSET focused on AI applications and Chinese technology policy.

Emelia Probasco is a Senior Fellow, focusing on the military applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn discusses why AI and machine learning's vulnerabilities present limitations when applied in real-life defense applications in an interview with Forbes.