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Lauren Kahn is a Senior Research Analyst at CSET, focused on national security applications of artificial intelligence.

In a Washington Post article, it was mentioned that Dewey Murdick, Executive Director of CSET, was among the industry leaders invited to speak during the briefing with senators.

In a Nikkei Asia article discussing the need for a global regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, CSET's Helen Toner offered her expert insights.

CSET's Helen Toner shared her expert insights in a CNBC article discussing the divergent perspectives of Google and OpenAI regarding the regulation of artificial intelligence by the U.S. government.

A CSET report written by Saif M. Khan was cited in an article published by the Associated Press discussing Nvidia’s achievement of joining the $1 trillion market capitalization club, highlighting its success in the growing field of artificial intelligence.

Sam Bresnick is a Research Fellow at CSET focused on AI applications and Chinese technology policy.

Emelia Probasco is a Senior Fellow, focusing on the military applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn discusses why AI and machine learning's vulnerabilities present limitations when applied in real-life defense applications in an interview with Forbes.

Senior Fellow Andrew Lohn discusses the threats and vulnerabilities AI systems, especially the Pentagon's, are susceptible to in his recent CSET report Poison in the Well

Axios Future featured CSET's report, "Truth, Lies, and Automation," which discovered GPT-3's startling ability to potentially fuel automated disinformation campaigns.