Hardware and compute

A CSET report written by Saif M. Khan was cited in an article published by the Associated Press discussing the impressive surge in Nvidia's stock price and its robust revenue forecast. The article highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the tech sector.

CSET's Karson Elmgren provided expert insights in a radio segment from Marketplace about the rise of Nvidia's stock price and its significance in reflecting the potential direction of the economy.

CSET Non-Resident Fellow John VerWey discussed ways to maximize CHIPS and Science Act investments to secure the U.S. semiconductor supply chain.

Forecasting Potential Misuses of Language Models for Disinformation Campaigns—and How to Reduce Risk

Josh A. Goldstein Girish Sastry Micah Musser Renée DiResta Matthew Gentzel Katerina Sedova
| January 2023

Machine learning advances have powered the development of new and more powerful generative language models. These systems are increasingly able to write text at near human levels. In a new report, authors at CSET, OpenAI, and the Stanford Internet Observatory explore how language models could be misused for influence operations in the future, and they provide a framework for assessing potential mitigation strategies.

Biden’s War on Chinese Computer Chips Harms Americans

The National Interest
| June 12, 2022

A CSET study found that the United States currently builds fewer fabs than the rest of the world.

CSET Research Fellow Emily Weinstein and CSET Non-Resident Senior Fellow Kevin Wolf discussed their proposal for a new export control regime among techno-democracies to better address contemporary challenges.

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory East Asia National Security Advisor John VerWey discussed the incentives, talent development and regulatory measures necessary to attract leading edge chip manufacturing to the United States.

The next microchip crisis will be bigger

| January 31, 2022

CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt shares his thoughts on the global chip shortage.

As U.S. officials reportedly weigh instituting export controls targeting Russian industry, CSET Research Analyst Will Hunt discusses the implications of potential curbs on semiconductor exports on Russia's strategic technology ambitions.

Specifying Objectives is Key to AI Safety

EE Times
| December 1, 2021

A new CSET report by Tim Rudner and Helen Toner introduces specification in machine learning as a key element in greater AI safety.