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CSET Research Analyst Ryan Fedasiuk joins Lieutenant General (retired) Jack Shanahan to discuss Chinese military progress in AI and its implications for the United States.

In an opinion piece for Politico Magazine, Ryan Fedasiuk highlights China's adoption of artificial intelligence into its military systems using evidence from his CSET report.

Harnessed Lightning

Ryan Fedasiuk Jennifer Melot Ben Murphy
| October 2021

This report examines nearly 350 artificial intelligence-related equipment contracts awarded by the People’s Liberation Army and state-owned defense enterprises in 2020 to assess how the Chinese military is adopting AI. The report identifies China’s key AI defense industry suppliers, highlights gaps in U.S. export control policies, and contextualizes the PLA’s AI investments within China’s broader strategy to compete militarily with the United States.

Academics, AI, and APTs

Dakota Cary
| March 2021

Six Chinese universities have relationships with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) hacking teams. Their activities range from recruitment to running cyber operations. These partnerships, themselves a case study in military-civil fusion, allow state-sponsored hackers to quickly move research from the lab to the field. This report examines these universities’ relationships with known APTs and analyzes the schools’ AI/ML research that may translate to future operational capabilities.

CSET Research Analyst Emily Weinstein emphasizes the increased role China's civil entities play in its military and defense strategy.

See our translation of a 2018 article by a Chinese state think tank praising the U.S. integration of the military and civilian industrial bases as a model for China. The article argues that China can learn much about "military-civil fusion" from U.S. legislation on this issue.

Plus, bills introduced to increase AI talent in DOD and fund the semiconductor industry, and a discussion of bias in AI

Plus, EU considers pan-EU facial recognition system, researchers discover new antibiotic with machine learning, and OSTP releases annual AI report

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