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Quad AI

Husanjot Chahal Ngor Luong Sara Abdulla Margarita Konaev
| May 2022

Through the Quad forum, the United States, Australia, Japan and India have committed to pursuing an open, accessible and secure technology ecosystem and offering a democratic alternative to China’s techno-authoritarian model. This report assesses artificial intelligence collaboration across the Quad and finds that while Australia, Japan and India each have close AI-related research and investment ties to both the United States and China, they collaborate far less with one another.

Exploring India-U.S. Collaboration in Military AI

Takshashila Institution
| March 24, 2022

Husanjot Chahal explores US-Indian cooperation in military applications of AI in a podcast interview with the Takshashila Institution.

Two decades of AI: Where does India stand today?

Analytics India Magazine
| March 16, 2022

According to CSET's report "Mapping India's AI Potential," AI-related patent applications grew tenfold from 2012 to 2018.

Github Analysis Shows India As An Emerging AI Superpower

Analytics India Magazine
| November 15, 2021

CSET's Husanjot Chahal discusses India's economic role as an emerging AI superpower.

Is India the next AI superpower?

Tech Monitor
| November 10, 2021

CSET research shows India is building economic value from basic AI research, but a lack of PhD talent places it behind the United States and China in the development of high-end AI research according to Research Analyst Husanjot Chahal.

In her latest opinion piece, CSET's Husanjot Chahal outlines a roadmap for the United States and India to collaborate on AI applications.

India Deemed ‘Vital’ AI Partner for U.S.

National Defense Magazine
| July 26, 2021

Husanjot Chahal's latest CSET report highlights why India's AI capabilities would benefit the U.S.

CSET Research Analyst Husanjot Chahal sheds light on India's growing AI capabilities and how it can help grow the U.S.' AI initiatives in the India-U.S. relationship.

Behind India’s AI Patent Boom

Analytics India Magazine
| May 20, 2021

Analytics India highlighted CSET research studying the AI patent boom in India and around the world.

Mapping India’s AI Potential

Husanjot Chahal Sara Abdulla Jonathan Murdick Ilya Rahkovsky
| March 2021

With its massive information technology workforce, thriving research community and a growing technology ecosystem, India has a significant stake in the development of artificial intelligence globally. Drawing from a variety of original CSET datasets, the authors evaluate India’s potential for AI by examining its progress across five categories of indicators pertinent to AI development: talent, research, patents, companies and investments, and compute.