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A Plea: The Case for Digital Environmentalism

Andrew Burt Daniel E. Geer, Jr.
| November 2022

Digital technology, the defining innovation of the last half century, has deep and unaddressed insecurities at its core. This paper, authored by two prominent technologists and strategic thinkers, argues that a new form of “digital environmentalism”—marked by a re-evaluation of our relationship to technology, growth, and innovation—is the only way to fix such insecurities, and to bring meaningful change to the digital world.

Big Tech Goes to War

Foreign Affairs
| October 19, 2022

In her coauthored opinion piece for Foreign Affairs, Senior Fellow Emelia Probasco discusses the role of U.S. technology in conflict, particularly in the war in Ukraine.

A CSET report found the U.S. military’s current approach to engaging with small tech companies and nontraditional tech vendors rarely amounted to more than “innovation tourism."


Ben Murphy
| May 2022

China’s "Science and Technology Daily," a state-run newspaper, published a revealing series of articles in 2018 on 35 different Chinese technological import dependencies. The articles, accessible here in English for the first time, express concern that strategic Chinese industries are vulnerable to any disruption to their supply of specific U.S., Japanese, and European “chokepoint” technologies. This issue brief summarizes the article series and analyzes the Chinese perspective on these import dependencies and their causes.

Privacy is Power

Foreign Affairs
| January 19, 2022

In an opinion piece for Foreign Affairs, a team of CSET authors alongside coauthors make the case for the use of privacy-enhancing technologies to protect personal privacy.

CSET Legislation Tracker

Daniel Hague Jennifer Melot
| September 2021

The CSET Legislation Tracker serves as a resource to identify and monitor U.S. federal legislation related to emerging technology and national security, with a particular focus on measures relevant to CSET’s key areas of inquiry such as research security, S&T development, and funding for hardware design and manufacturing capabilities. The tracker includes identifying information for each piece of legislation, links to related CSET analyses, and access to associated congressional hearings, among other items.

According to a CSET report, tech professionals expressed positive and neutral views on working with the U.S. Department of Defense.

Congress moves to unify ‘disjointed’ R&D effort

National Journal
| July 27, 2021

CSET's Director of CyberAI John Bansemer weighs in on the National Science and Technology Act as part of Congress' strategy to boost science and tech innovation while authorizing R&D spending.

CSET's Melissa Flagg and Jack Corrigan's latest report urges the U.S. Department to stop being innovation tourists.

Melissa Flagg and Jack Corrigan's latest policy brief urges for the U.S. Department of Defense to use more private sector innovation.