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CSET's Anna Puglisi was featured in a Fox News article that discusses the recent Senate Energy Committee hearing. The hearing highlighted both the potential threats and opportunities associated with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the U.S. energy sector and daily life. Concerns were raised about China's AI advancements and the absence of a strategic AI plan in the U.S. Puglisi emphasized the need for updated policies to tackle challenges posed by China and global players in academia and research.

In a PBS broadcast, CSET's Anna Puglisi shared her insights at the Senate Energy Committee hearing held on Thursday about advances in artificial intelligence and U.S. technological competitiveness.

In their op-ed featured in The Hill, CSET's Dewey Murdick and Jack Corrigan provide expert analysis on the rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard. The piece delves into the growing concerns among leaders in government, industry, and academia regarding the control of the development and utilization of this emerging technology and provide solutions to address it.

In his op-ed featured in Breaking Defense, CSET's Sam Bresnick from offers a deep dive into China's remarkable progress in bolstering space resilience, with a specific focus on tactically responsive space launch (TRSL).

In a Washington Post article, it was mentioned that Dewey Murdick, Executive Director of CSET, was among the industry leaders invited to speak during the briefing with senators.

CSET's Helen Toner was cited by TIME in an article about the European Union Artificial Intelligence Act.

GovInfoSecurity published an article that quotes CSET's nonresident research fellow, Chris Rohlf, discussing the recently announced U.S. government national cybersecurity strategy.

Kathleen Curlee is a Research Analyst at CSET focusing on the national security applications of artificial intelligence.