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First global survey reveals who is doing ‘gain of function’ research on pathogens and why


September 15, 2023

CSET's Anna Puglisi was featured in a Nature article along with a report she co-authored. The article discusses the challenges faced by US policymakers in regulating research involving potentially harmful pathogens. The focal point of the discussion is the CSET report titled “Understanding the Global Gain-of-Function Research Landscape.”

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Gain- and loss-of-function research have contributed to breakthroughs in vaccine development, genetic research, and gene therapy. At the same time, a subset of gain- and loss-of-function studies involve high-risk, highly virulent pathogens that could spread widely among humans if deliberately or unintentionally released. In this report, we map the gain- and loss-of-function global research landscape using a quantitative approach that combines machine learning with subject-matter expert review.

Anna Puglisi

March 2020

Anna Puglisi is the Director of Biotechnology Programs and Senior Fellow. Previously she served as the National Counterintelligence Officer for East Asia.

Caroline Schuerger

August 2021

Caroline Schuerger is a Research Fellow focusing on emerging issues in biotechnology and AI.

Steph Batalis

August 2022

Stephanie Batalis is a Research Fellow focused on biotechnology.

Katherine Quinn

September 2022

Katherine Quinn is a Data Scientist at CSET.

Ronnie Kinoshita

March 2022

Ronnie Kinoshita is a Survey Research Analyst, supporting various lines of research.

Owen Daniels

December 2021

Owen Daniels is the Andrew W. Marshall Fellow and Policy Communications Specialist at CSET, working across the organization's analytical portfolio.